Honesty and Transparency are our Cornerstones.


About Us

Our Company was founded in the year 2001 and since then it carried out various activities, the main one being the trading of grains and agricultural inputs, where it managed to earn a place in the market by delivering a quality service based on two basic cornerstones: honesty and transparency in its operations.


Our mission is to accompany the important growth of the farming industry, giving complete solutions to producers and proposing the best alternatives in agro-businesses.


Our goal is to position our company as a reference in the development of agro-businesses, taking part in all of the value chain, from the source of the raw materials to its industrialization, marketing and, finally, the export of value-added products to the world.

How We Work

We provide with consulting services through a team of professionals capable of fulfilling the technical requirements on specific inquires, by incorporating new technologies which can help increase and preserve the stability of returns.
We promote the efficiency of commercial management. We provide our clients with advice, objective market information and analysis, and professional follow-up of commercial strategies.
We provide our clients with consultancy and training services in forward contracts, future markets and stock options, to help them maximize the value of their production.